Nivea Creme Care Body Wash (Honey) 480ml (326478)

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NIVEA Creme Care Body Wash (Honey) 480ml
It is like a thick bubble like a shower, which gives the skin a moisturizing effect. Does not leave a slippery sensation, creating a supple Q-elastic skin. Use a thick moisturizing shower gel to keep your skin care every day.

- Rich moisturizing body wash
- Wash a thick creamy, moist wet skin
- Daily skin dude care
- Fragrance italianpremium honey

Product details
Brand: NIVEA
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Creme Care Body Wash (Honey)
Volume: 480ml
Package: 1x NIVEA Creme Care Body Wash (Honey) 480ml

How to use
Damp towel or sponge dosage (2 degree), whisk lightly wash, is thrown. / use it directly.

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