TAMANOHADA 000 Lavender Shower Gel 540ml (337003)

$109.00 $199.00
TAMANOHADA 005 Fig Shower Gel 540ml
A Liquid soap for the body to enjoy the scent. With a moist and gentle wash, the mellow scent wraps the whole body.
You can also use it as a hand soap.

- Fragrance of deep figs
- Figurative leaves
- Non-silicon
- Enjoy the aroma

Product details
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Volume: 540ml
Type: 005 Fig Shower Gel
Package: 1x TAMANOHADA 005 Fig Shower Gel 540ml
Product valid date: 1 - 2 Years

How to use
Take an appropriate amount on your hands or sponge, lather to gently to massage wet skin, and rinse.

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