Tunemakers Ceramide 200 Essence 60ml

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 Tunemakers Ceramide 200 Essence 60ml



Sugar ceramide derived from rice bran with moisturizing power to 200%*. Smooths dry skin even after moisturizing, and keeps moisture in every corner of the stratum corneum.(*Compare to Tunemakers Ceramide Essence)



- Various skin problems caused by dryness can be prevented

- Nano-sized that penetrates into the stratum corneum

- Prepares for firm skin with a youthful impression.


Product details

Brand: Tunemakers

Country of Origin: Japan

Type: Essence

Volume: 60ml

Package: 1x Tunemakers Ceramide 200 Essence 60ml


How to Use

Immediately after washing your face, take an appropriate amount (approximate: 4 to 6 drops), apply it to the entire face, and gently press it with your hand to penetrate the skin.

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