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Beauty World Lucky Trendy Moisturizing Foot Mask 18ml x3pcs (991676)

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Beauty World Moisturizing Foot Mask 18ml
Moisturizing foot mask containing urea moisturizer_ 19 kinds of plant extracts which have a high Moisturizing power which trap and eliminate foot odor_ and exfoliate_ smooth and moisturize the foot skin.

- Dissolved decontamination agent can completely dissolve hair and dust (including animal hair).
- Contains a variety of natural vegetable oils_ botanical extracts_ and provides concentrated care to the feet in 20 minutes_ no need to go to the beauty salon to do care.
- After use_ the feet feel very comfortable and look smooth and white_ away from dryness and cracking.

Product Details:
Brand: Beauty World
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Foot Mask
Volume: 18 ml
Package Content: 3 x Beauty World Moisturizing Foot Mask 18ml

How to use:
Wash your feet dry.
Please detach the pack along the line into two foot pack.
Wear foot pack. (60-90 minutes recommended time).
Take off foot pack and let feet dry.
The dead skin cells will start to dry between five and seven days after initial application.
Start the peeling process by rubbing the foot very gently with a clean cloth or the palm of your hands.

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