KAO Success Shampoo (Refill) 320ml

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KAO Success Shampoo (Refill) 320ml
With "micro decomposition technology" , you can cleanly remove dirt such as oily clogged pores, sticky wax and odor.

- Prevent odour
- Make bubble in 3 second
- Cleanses hair and scalp
- Keeps the hair clean and fresh for a long time

Product Details
Brand: KAO
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Shampoo
Range: Hair
Volume: 320ml
Package Content: 1 x KAO Success Shampoo (Refill) 320ml

How to use
A successful shampoo style designed to wash your scalp thoroughly.
By applying the shampoo washing solution directly to the scalp, it foams firmly from the bare skin.

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