Rohto Care Cera Baby Body Wash 450ml (Orange)

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ROHTO Care Cera Baby body Wash 450ml (Orange)
A body soap for dry skin containing specially selected moisturizing ingredients, such as natural-type multi-ceramides and 3 kinds of plant extracts. Care Cera BABY Body Wash is recommended for kids who have skin problems throughout the year.

- Produced with a moisture protecting and cleansing formula.
- it cleanses dirt and excessive sebum while retaining moisture inside the skin.
- The creamy cleansing foam reduces the burden on your skin when you wash and keeps moisture inside.
- Scent free.

Product Details
Brand: Rohto
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Body Wash
Volume: 450ml
Content: 1 x ROHTO Care Cera Baby body Wash 450ml (Orange)

How to use
Apply gently to wash skin by massaging in small circles. RInse off with water.

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